The Best And Exciting challenges for the Sims 4

sims 4 challanges

The Sims 4 is an open-ended game – it can come to a small dry spell in the motivation. In order to shorten the time or to make the game more interesting, many SimFans have developed so-called Challenges.

What exactly is behind it and what is there, I would like to bring you closer in this guide.

What are challenges anyway?

Challenge is actually the English term for challenge or a difficult task. The challenges started as a kind of game instruction with points, which allows the player to compare himself with other players. Over time, more and more kinds of challenges with new themes developed. In the meantime, there are a variety of different ways to play these challenges: with or without points, as picture and diary or as video / let’s play. The rules listed here are not always mandatory. Play the challenges the way you enjoy it.

I went on a search and picked out some exciting sims 4 challenges overview that I would like to explain to you. Have fun!

The Sims 4 Challenges

The sims 4 best challanges, and its rules are listed below.

  1. Disaster Challange


Download the property “Desaster Challenge House” from the gallery. You can find the house in the gallery of Daniel ( EA-ID: Daniel_SimFansDE ) or you are looking for #DesasterChallenge. Place the house in the neighborhood on a 20×30 large plot. Activate the “moveObjects on” cheat before, so that no objects are lost.

Get a family in and put their household assets at 0 Simoleons. To do this, first activate the cheat “testingcheats true” and then enter the “Money 0” cheat.

Rules of this Challenge

  • Renovate the house only with the money you get by selling the objects (eg plants, furniture, etc.) on the property.
  • You are not allowed to remove or add floors (basement, further floor).
  • The outer walls including the foundation must remain so (exception: the destroyed areas may be repaired).
  • Interior walls may be changed as desired, as well as the windows and doors.
  • Wall and floor coverings, roof patterns, etc. may be changed.
  • All the Sims 4 extensions are allowed.
  • There are no money cheats allowed and the sim is not allowed to work.
  1. Bunker Challange


To start the challenge, you need the bunker. Since this was created mainly with objects from the extension The Sims 4 To Work, you definitely need this add-on.

You can  find the plot in the gallery under the EA-ID Daniel_SimFansDE or you look for the hashtag #BunkerChallenge .

You’ll also find Marc, the protagonist of our challenge, in the gallery for download. If you want to use your own sim, that’s possible too. But note the conditions below.

Rules of the Challenge

The challenge will be extended to new tasks every week. There are basic rules that always apply, and rules that are only valid from or in a week.

The following rules are always valid:

  • The bunker is placed as a residential property in your world.
  • Your Sim must have the features: Loves nature, madness and good.
  • The age should be young adult.
  • After your Sim moves in, all the doors on the ground floor must be locked for “Everyone.”
  • During the challenge, the bunker must not be left.
  • The build and buy mode must not be used during the challenge.
  • Do not spend any money. Exception: to pay bills or to place new rooms.
  • Rewards in the rewards store may not be purchased.
  • No cheats should be used.
  • No contact with the outside world, no parties, calls must be rejected / ignored.
  • The mobile phone must not be used (SMS, play, telephone, etc.).
  1. City Life Challange

Kaddi from Zaaap!  has come up with a new challenge together with her fans especially for The Sims 4 big city life. The goal is to move into the standard penthouse.

The preparation

  • Create a sim in teens age.
  • Let him move into an apartment in San Myshuno.
  • Delete all furniture except for the toilet.
  • Set the budget to 0
    • First the cheat “testingcheats true”
    • After that “money [number]”
  • Choose as many negative housing features as possible.
  • From the age of “young adult” aging with a long life is activated.

The gameplay

  • The Sim may only move within San Myshuno.
  • From 1,000 Simoleons seeds may be planted.
  • From 10,000 Simoleons a job can be accepted.
  • At 20,000 Simoleons and Grade 1, the Sim becomes a young adult.
  • From 50,000 Simoleons, another Sim may be married.

  1. Castaway Challange

The challenge was developed by Fernando and takes place on a deserted island where they must survive until they have perfected the logic skill.


First, make yourself 1-2 Sims. Gender, characteristics, appearance, etc. does not matter, the age should be at least young adults.

Download the plot from the gallery and place it on a plot. You can find it under the name “Castaway Challenge” or under the EA ID SimplyNando.

Activate the cheat “testingcheats true” and teleport your Sims to the property (hold shift and click on the ground – teleport here).

Never leave the island. The bills can be paid via the Sims mobile phone. There are no restrictions on the money.

The start of the challenge

You should first start learning the skills of fishing, gardening and skill. On the island there are plants, a workbench and fishing spots.

When you reach level 5 of each skill, new objects are flushed ashore (see below).

To feed your Sim, you can eat the harvested fruits / vegetables or fry the fish around the campfire. To wash or shower your Sim you need to build the objects on the workbench.

Washed objects

  1. When you reach level 5 of each ability, you get the 1st object.
  2. Two days after this event, you will receive the yoga mat.
  3. Achieve level 5 in the spa ability to get the shower.
  4. The mirror you get two days later.
  5. Charisma Skill Level 3 teaches you the bed.
  6. The easel is washed up three days after the bed.
  7. The bar gives you level 5 painting ability.
  8. The sandbag you get with level 5 in the mixing ability.
  9. The kitchen furniture comes with level 5 of fitness ability.
  10. Finally, when you reach the level 5 cooking ability, you will get the chess table.

Buy and build mode

You can only build walls, floors, windows and doors in a wood look. The rest of the facility you get either through the washed-up objects or must be built on the workbench.

If you have reached level 10 skill ability, you can buy kitchen cabinets for the cooking ability.

From level 10 of gardening ability you can place plants and stones from the construction and buy mode.

For a house trees / plants may be removed from the island. The roof should have the straw texture out of the game.

The end

When you reach level 10 of the logic skill, the challenge is over.

You can, to compare / compare with other players, count the points:

With a sim
  • Each achievement point you earn gives you 2 points.
  • If you reach level 10 of an ability, you will receive an additional 10 points.
  • Extra points are awarded when you create the following items (count only once): wooden toilet (5 points), wooden bathtub (5 points), wooden chair (2 points), wooden table (3 points) Wooden guitar (5 points).
Played with two sims
  • Each achievement point you earn gives you 1 point.
  • If you reach level 10 of an ability, you will receive an additional 20 points.
  • Extra points are awarded when you create the following items (count only once): wooden toilet (5 points), wooden bathtub (5 points), wooden chair (2 points), wooden table (3 points) Wooden guitar (5 points).

If a sim dies, you get 5 minus points and the point rules apply as in a Sim.

  1. 100 Baby Challange

The goal of this challenge is to get as many babies as possible. However, only with a Simin, which is the great difficulty and also the Challenge Challenge.

Preparations for the start

It’s best to start with a new score. Create a young adult and let them move in the neighborhood. Which plot or house you choose is irrelevant. The main thing is your Simin can afford it.

Set the sim lifetime in the gameplay options to “long” to give you plenty of time. If you want something a bit more difficult, you can also take a shorter life.

Rules of the Challenge

  • Every child should have their own father. So always look for a new Sim.
  • Your Simin may not have a job because she is fully there for the kids.
  • Your Simin can earn money through activities at home, such as writing books, gardening or painting, etc.
  • The Simin may not marry or feed any of the men.
  • Teenagers are allowed to help the mother, both in child care and in making money. But they can not have a side job.
  • Once the kids are old enough, they need to move out to make room for new babies.
  • Service NPCs may only be hired if your family can afford this service.
  • Do not use cheats or mods.
  • The birthday cake may be used for aging. For children and adolescents only if they have the grade “very good”.
  • The reward “Fertile” from the rewards store may be used.
  1. Mini Micro House

This challenge is intended especially for the home builder among you. This is not about telling a story or achieving something with your Sims, but building a house according to the rules.

Rules of this Challenge

  • Find a small property, such as the 20×15 properties in Newcrest.
  • The maximum area of ​​10×10 boxes may be built, the house itself may only be 5×5 small (see picture below).
  • Use a maximum of 18,000 Simoleons for home construction, decor and garden.
  • You can build as many floors as you like, but each can not be larger than 5×5 boxes.
  • The stairs may be outside the house.
  • Only the dining area may be outside the house.

Modifications of the rules

You can also change the above rules a bit, depending on how you like it.

  • Build the house in different sizes: 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, etc.
  • Uses more than the 18,000 Simoleons as a budget.
  • Build the house according to a specific theme, for example everything made of wood, a pink girl’s dream or a castle.
  • Etc.
  1. Iceland Challange

Fry aka Simproved has come up with a great challenge for you, exposing you to the whims of two gods on a deserted island and hopefully surviving it.


In the far-off Simsian Ocean lies a tropical island without a name. She is home to two gods.

One is the red fire god Llamatipoca, who lives in the volcano of the island. He is an effervescent, unforgiving God who constantly demands rituals, offerings or other forms of attention.

The other god is the complete opposite of him. He is so indescribably beautiful that there is nothing and no one in the universe that would be more beautiful. It is the white god of light, fertility and humor. It is said that he hears the name “player”. This God wants every plant, every animal and every Sim to thrive and reach its full potential. “Player” keeps the balance of nature on the island and watches over every living thing that lives on the island. Especially the Sims.

The Prophecy

It is said that one day two Sims will be flushed to the island and the last battle of the gods will begin. Both gods will do wonders to change the fate of the island in their favor. Only eight Sims, who are excellent survivors, can perform the ritual of all rituals and end the battle of the gods.

The goal of the challenge

Let 8 Sims live on the island. All sims must have at least level 4 fitness, gardening and fishing skills. The challenge is lost when all Sims are dead. So try to keep it alive! 😉

What you need:

  • 1 pair of normal 6-piece dice
  • 2 Sims
  • 1 plot with an island

The start of the challenge

You need the following to get started with the challenge:

The Sims

  • Sims have to be young adults.
  • Appearance, characteristics, sexuality and gender do not matter. However, it is recommended to start with a couple that can also have children.
  • Both Sims have no skills and nothing in the inventory.
  • What relationship the Sims have to each other is completely free. Whether friend, enemy or even spouse is up to you.
  • You control all the Sims that live on the island (that is, the entire household).

The property (The island)

  • The island is the only property you can play on. So the plot is accordingly exciting, so you will not be bored.
  • On the property there should be a volcano (pool), to which the Sims can, because maybe your Sims have to swim in it.
  • The design of the property you can choose completely free. You may use as many stones, plants and trees as you like.

How do you start with the challenge?

  • Disable aging of the Sims.
  • Put Sims on the island.
  • Block the island so that no sim gets in or out.

As God, you have powerful powers that you have to use right at the beginning of the challenge. Use CTRL + SHIFT + C to boost your powers, then enter the following spells (cheats):

  • “Testing cheats on”
  • “Household.autopay_bills true”
  • “Money 666999”

If you reload a game, you have to do the whole magic procedure again . We do not want your divine abilities to rust, right?

How come more Sims on your island

Since aging is off, your Sims either have to have children to start a kind of survival artist family OR, if the gods want it, send them Sims! For the final ritual requires eight Sims.

How do you play the challenge?

Your Sims are not allowed to leave the island (land). They are completely cut off from civilization.

No jobs, no luxury items, no electricity! Your Sims are alone on the island, stranded, exhausted, but with good hope. You, as your divine helper, make sure you make it to the final ritual.

The Sims have to work with what they have and that’s not a lot. But hey, at least the sun always shines and nature has a lot to offer! Your Sims will mainly reap rewards day after day, fish for fish and try to create objects that make life on the island more bearable.

Craft is one of the main elements of this challenge. Your Sims can either make objects on the workbench or search the many branches to make something out of it. (Read more in the craft section).

Every day the gods will intervene in the island events with miracles or catastrophes. Dice with your dice to find out what they’ve come up with now! (More in the section cubes)

Enjoy and good luck!

The Dice – The Will of the Gods

Always have your dice ready. They represent the will of the gods. One is for the “player”, the other for LLamatipoca the volcano god.

Black and white, good and evil. They are the Ying and Yang of this Challenge and whatever is rolled MUST BE EXECUTED!

You have to roll every sim day. Best in the morning before the sun is at its zenith. The dice will tell you what you have to do and you must implement the will immediately.

Go to Pause / Buy Mode and do what the gods say!

Do not forget to dice! If you forget it for one day, the gods will get mad and a Sim will die!

Spells for the dice

  • Make Sims happy:
    • Shift click on the mailbox and go to “Change Needs …”
    • Shift click on the Sim and go to “Need Cheating …”
  • Give Sim’s Skill Points:
    • The sim must be selected
    • stats.set_skill_level Skill_fitness [number]
    • stats.set_skill_level Major_fishing [number]
    • stats.set_skill_level Major_gardening [number]
  • Give Sim’s Endeavor Points:
    • The sim must be selected
    • sims.give_satisfaction_points [number]

What happens when you roll the dice 

(In brackets is the number of eyes that make up both cubes together)

  • (2) The white god shines his light of joy and fertility on the island. It all feels so happy and cheerful! What a miracle! [Use spell from above – make happy]
  • (3) Wow! What is it? What is it doing? A new skill object has been flushed to the island! Great! [Any skill-enhancing object is allowed (except electronic), select 1 of them]
  • (4) 15 new branches! [Get the fifteen branches from debug mode and place them on your island]
  • (5) The white god is very pleased with your accomplishments. He shines his light of wisdom on one of your Sims! [Sim of your choice gets 2 abilities points, see spells]
  • (6) The tide is dropping and a new Sim was found on the beach! Who is this? Where is he from? [The sim is completely random. You may only determine sexuality and appearance. If you already have 8 Sims, let’s just assume that the Sim unfortunately did not survive the many currents. Place a skeleton, if you like]
  • (7) 5 new branches! [Get the 5 branches from debug mode and place them on your island]
  • (8)  Llamatipoca summons a storm over the island. Unfortunately, one of your Sims is struck by lightning. Bad luck! [Sim of Choice loses 4 abilities points – see spells]
  • (9) The white god blesses one of your Sims! The Sim has an enlightenment! [Sim of Choice Receives 4,000 Aspirations – See Spells]
  • (10) Llamatipoca is angry! Sacrifice 2 mature fruit trees to appease him! Goodbye harvest! [Remove in build mode]
  • (11) Oh wow! That’s exactly what we always wanted! Your Sims are so happy that the gods have answered their prayers! [You can choose an object of your choice from the purchase / build mode – no restrictions. EVERY object allowed]
  • (12) Llamatipoca is foaming with rage! You have awakened him! Sacrifice a Sim in the volcano to appease him! The best would be a virgin! [Let a Sim swim in the volcano (pool) and install it with a fence or objects. Unfortunately, this sim has to drown]
  1. The Asylum Challange

The idea behind this challenge is this: Your Sim has been sent to a mental hospital where your Sim should be getting fit again. There live with him seven other Sims who are a bit crazy like you. You may leave the clinic only if you have fulfilled your aspiration.

The life of your Sims will play until the discharge only in the clinic and you are not allowed to control any of your roommates. But more about that in the rules.

want to know about sims 4 mc command center – sims 4 master controller check the link provided.

Preparations for the start

First, you have to create your protagonist. The age is young adult or adult. The look you can freely determined. One of the character features must be “insane”, the other two can be chosen arbitrarily.

The aspirations are now chosen by accident, whereby “love” and “family” may not be taken. Lose the endeavor eg by a note or a random number generator. Likewise, if the endeavor has more than one direction.

Ex: By chance, you lose the effort in the 1st Druchgang “popularity” from. In the second round, you now solve which of the four orientations your Sim should receive.

Then you’ll get seven more inmates. The age is again young adult or adult, the Sims may not be related to each other. Not with your main im. Features that must be used by everyone are “clumsy” and “insane”. None of them may have the attribute “neat” or “love nature”.

Construction of the clinic

After your Sims have been created, they have to live somewhere and what would fit better than a clinic. Here are a few rules to consider:

  • Construction and money cheats may be used for the construction of the building.
  • Only decorations, plants and light may be placed outside the building.
  • No custom content (CC).
  • Only 5 beds in the clinic (eg 5 single beds or 1 double bed and 3 single beds)
  • Only 6 seats (chairs, sofas, armchairs, etc)
  • Only 1 seat on which your Sim can take a nap.
  • You can only install 1 toilet, 1 washbasin and 1 shower / bath on bathroom items. The combination of bath and shower is ok too.
  • Only 5 items to build abilities. Exceptions are computer, bookshelf, mirror, stove and TV.
  • If you want to have a TV, you have to buy the cheapest. Otherwise, no other electronic devices are allowed. Do you buy a TV, you can not own a computer anymore.
  • You may also have a computer instead of the TV, but only one. Do you buy a computer, you can not have a TV anymore.
  • No alarm systems
  • When the stove you have to buy the cheapest and only max. one on the property.
  • Also just a fridge.

The play

To complete the challenge successfully, your Sim needs to complete the quest.

  • You are only allowed to control your own Sim, all other roommates are taboo.
  • All other roommates are not allowed to have a job, only your Sim.
  • Your Sim may only leave the property for work. Otherwise not.
  • Once you’ve finished setting up the property, you’ll need to reduce household income to 100 Simoleons before the game starts. First enter the cheat “testingcheats true” and then “money 100”.
  • Your Sim may invite other Sims to your property.
  • No service NPCs (maid, craftsman, gardener, etc.)
  • If a sim dies on the property, the tombstone must remain on the property.
  • There are no new sims for the deceased.
  • If a roommate dies, you must remove 1 sleeping place and 1 seat opportunity. Until you have 1 bed and 1 seat.
  • If you have enough money, you can buy new items. The above restrictions on the objects remain.
  • All sims must have access to all objects. So you can not put objects into your Sim’s inventory, like a guitar.
  • Calls to your roommates must be ignored.
  • Every night at 0 o’clock you can clean up the inventories of the Sims. But food has to stay in the inventory.
  • The free will must be on.
  • You can set the sim lifetime as you like.
  • If one of your roommates leaves, you do not have to do anything. He will come back sometime.

Award of points

If you want, you can compete with other players and score points.

  • +1 for each skill level of your 8 Sims.
  • +1 for each friend one of your 8 Sims has. Not counting the roommates.
  • +1 per 1,000 Reward Points in the Rewards Store.
  • -1 for every day you are in the clinic.
  • -20 for each of your 7 roommates who dies.
  • -30 for each visitor who dies on your property.
  • -1 for any unpaid bill.

Possible modifications for your challenge

There are many ways to modify the challenge. You can become creative yourself.

One possibility would be, for example, to change the goal. You can set yourself a monetary target (your Sim should earn 100,000 Simoleons in the clinic) or say your Sim should maximize at least three abilities.

  1. The Legacy Challange

The Legacy Challenge has been around since The Sims 2 and continues to enjoy great popularity. Because she is not only challenging, but also takes a bit of time. I’m started by a single Sim, who has to work his way up over time and found a big family that will last up to 10 generations.

How exactly this all works, I explain to you afterwards.

It’s best if you start a new score for the challenge, but you do not have to do that.

First, you need a Sim to start, the founder of the family. You can design this completely according to your wishes, you have the free choice: gender, appearance, characteristics, endeavor. You can even turn him into an alien. Only two conditions have to be fulfilled. First, the sim must be a young adult and no other sims can be created.

After creating your Sim, it’s about placing it in the neighborhood. Pick a completely empty 50×50 lot in the neighborhood. If the property is completely leveled, it should cost 10,000 Simoleons. Now buy your sim the “Armor Knight of the Round Table” decoration object for 8,200 Simoleons and place it in the family inventory. The statue will remain there until the end of the Challenge and must not be removed or sold beforehand.

If you play with the expansion The Sims 4 Time for Friends, you may also move to a 64×64 site in Windenburg, which also has to be completely empty. Then you buy the armor and also twice the sculpture “Spitzen Ingenigkeit” for 2,100 Simoleons and a “Von Windenburg in the trap” for 2,000 Simoleons. These also remain in the inventory until the end.

Important in both cases is that your Sim has 1,800 Simoleons at the end as seed capital. Alternatively, if you want to use cheats, you can enter the cheats “testingCheats true” and then “money 1800” to reduce your family fortune.

Determination of succession

You will be accompanying your Sims in this Challenge through several generations, so it’s important to pinpoint the exact lineage. Your Founder Sim is always the head of the family and the inheritance determines which offspring will become the new head as soon as the old one dies. Remember that you can only do this once in the beginning of the challenge. Subsequent changes are not intended.

The gender rule

You have to choose one of the options. Keep in mind that some of the rules depend on what gender your Founder Sim has.

  • Matriarchy – Your Founder Sim needs to be female. Only female Sims are entitled to inherit. Only if there are no female descendants, may boys be used as heir.
  • Strict Matriarchy – Your Founder Sim needs to be female. Only female Sims are entitled to inherit. Male descendants must never become heirs.
  • Patriarchy – Your Founder Sim must be male, Only Male Sims are entitled to inherit. Only if there are no male offspring, girls may be used as heir.
  • Strict Patriarchy – Your Founder Sim must be male. Only male Sims are entitled to inherit. Female offspring must never become heirs.
  • Equal Rights – Your Founder Sim can be either female or male. Both sexes are entitled to inherit.
  • Strict Equality –  Your Founder Sim can be either female or male. The heir must always belong to the opposite sex than your current head of the family. Example: If your founder Sim is male, a girl becomes the heir. If the heir dies, a man must inherit the inheritance, etc.

The bloodline

The second rule to be established is that of the bloodline.

  • Strictly Traditional – The child must have been born by parents of the founder Sims. The pedigree must be able to be traced back completely to the founder Sim. Adopted children can never be heirs.
  • Traditional – The child must have been born by parents of the founder Sims. The pedigree must be able to be traced back completely to the founder Sim. Adopted children can only be inherited if there are no direct offspring.
  • Modern  – Both direct offspring and adoptive children can become heirs.
  • Foster family – The heir must be an adopted child. Direct offspring are only entitled to inherit if no adopted child is present.
  • Strict foster family  – Only adoptive children can become heirs. Direct descendants are never entitled to inherit.

The succession

The third choice from which you have to choose one.

  •  First-born  – The first-born child is the heir / heiress.
  • Last born / r  – The child last born is the heir / heiress.
  • Last Will  – The heirloom child, with the highest relationship with the parents, becomes heir.
  • Merit  – The child with the highest progress in fulfilling endeavor becomes heir. If two heirs are on the same progress, the heir who has the highest advance in a single ability will become.
  • Strength  – If two or more children are entitled to inherit, they can fight for the inheritance in a fight. The winner of the fight is automatically inheritance.
  • Coincidence  – Among all the heirs, the inheritance is randomly drawn.
  • Sample  Example – At the start of the Challenge, you’ll set a certain character characteristic of your Founder Sims, which is destined for the Succession. The heirloom child having this feature becomes heir. If there are several eligible children with the trait or none, follow the rules of the Firstborn.
  • Democracy  – Do you play the challenge in public, ie by Let’s Play, Blog, etc., you can let your viewers / readers decide which of the eligible children to inherit the inheritance.

Rules on creatures

If you play with the add-on The Sims 4 To Work and Aliens in your family, you can set special rules:

  • Xenoarchy  – The legacy has to be alternated between alien and human.
  • Xenophobic  – The heir must be the same as the Founder Sim. If the founder was a human being, only a human being can become an heir. The same applies to an alien.
  • Offspring  – The heir must be born through pregnancy, whether alien or human.
  • Tolerance  – It does not matter if the heir is human or alien.

The rules of the game

The Legacy Challenge also has a few rules that you should follow while playing. Especially if you play with points in order to compare yourself later with other SimFans.

  • No cheats, hacks, and mods are allowed that will give you advantages over another player, such as money cheats or mods / hacks that affect your abilities or make your goals easier to reach. If the cheat / mod / hack does not give you an advantage (eg abdominal cheat like moveObjects on), you are allowed to use it.
  • No restart of the game or loading of an old memory, should a bad event occur. The game must also be played in difficult situations, even if you are not satisfied with the event. If your game has a bug, a bug, freeze, etc. you may exceptionally restart or continue with an older score.
  • Only Sims who are also considered to be the spouse of your children may move into the household. Non-entitled children may leave the household and move out. But once they are out of the house, they must not move back to the property.
  • The family must stay on the property for the entire duration of the challenge. Rooms from the gallery may be installed in the house as long as your family pays the full price. In the course of the challenge, if you buy the expansion The Sims 4 Time for Friends, you may draw once on a 64×64 plot (if you live on a 50×50 plot). After that your family can not move again.
  • Your Sim may wish for a rejuvenation in his life. Either through the Youth Potion in the Rewards Store, the cow plant or the wishing well from The Sims 4 Romantic Garden Accessories.
  • Efforts must not be changed. If your Sim meets the aspiration, he may choose a new one, as long as it is not the same again.
  • Deceased Sims must not be called back to life. Other family members may ask the Grim Reaper to spare the deceased Sim.
  • The heir of one generation can not leave the household. All other children are allowed to move out but lose their claim to the inheritance. Even if the laws of inheritance change later and they are actually entitled to inherit.
  • During the Challenge, your founding family is the only family you can play. You may place new families in the neighborhood, but these are only intended to be friends with your family. These families can not marry anyone from your family.
  • You can accompany your Sims to work (the add-on The Sims 4 To Work Is Needed). Because the careers do not divide into two different shows during the course, the top of the career meets the points in the “nature” rating (see below).


As a spouse for your children, only Sims who are not living in a family in the neighborhood may be selected, with the limit on the number of Sims allowed to join the founding family removed. The (potential) spouse of your heirs is referred to as the “main partner”. You can only have one main partner per heir, but you can have as many partners as you want for all other children.

Since it may happen over time that the game does not create enough new random spouses, you may invite yourself from the gallery to your neighborhood to marry them. To find these sims in the gallery, there is the hashtag “#LegacyLoves”.


Regardless of your established inheritance rules, you may receive and adopt as many children as you wish. Through The Sims 4 To work, kidnappings can also bring alien children into your family.

If you want to adopt a child, the adopted child’s father and mother must be alive and living in the same house. Only babies are allowed to be adopted and should be babies in the family at the moment, they have to wait until they become children. You may rename the adopted children.

If a baby grows up to the child, you have to choose the aspiration and character feature by chance. For this you can use eg this random generator ! Always use the characteristics of the parents, even if the child is adopted. The same thing happens when your child becomes a teenager and later a young adult.

Fruits and music may be used to influence the sex of your child. Which you have to use is in our news!


  • You can use the Reaper to succeed on the Grim Reaper to spare your deceased Sim.
  • Ambrosia must not be used to bring a dead Sim back to life.
  • Ghosts on your property may be invited into your family and live there. But they do not show any points for the Legacy Challenge. You can not buy a Youth Potion and you can not do a job.
  • A ghost living on your property may move out but not be brought back to the family.
  • The spirits can be remembered, but only by a sim they knew during their lifetime (see “Creativity” below).

Points for the rating

If you want to compare yourself with other players, you can earn points up to a maximum of 100 pieces (101, if you choose the extreme start). There are the following categories and points:

Family (10 points)

For every generation the heir reaches the age of “Young Adult”, you get +1 point.

Since the challenge is over, as soon as the first child is born in the 10th generation, you can earn the 10th point by getting and adopting at least 10 children in a single generation.

Creativity (10 points)

In order to keep the inheritance strong, one must think of the deceased family members. The founder as well as the heir + spouse must be considered. You can do this in several ways:

  • Write a song about the person (piano, guitar or violin ability 8+)
  • Perform an appearance for the person (comedy ability 8+)
  • Draw a picture of the person (painting ability 8+)
  • Write a biography about a Sim (writing ability at level 10)
  • Program a computer game for the Sim (programming ability 9+)
  • Take a photo of the Sim (Photography ability 5+)

All together, you will earn 9 points. The last point is when a single Sim in his life has fulfilled two of the three aspirations in Creativity.

Prosperity (10 points)

Your family will (hopefully) get richer over the generations. The more she has on the account, the more points you get:

  • 75,000 Simoleons = 1 point
  • 120,000 Simoleons = 2 points
  • 200,000 Simoleons = 3 points
  • 320,000 Simoleons = 4 points
  • 510,000 Simoleons = 5 points
  • 830,000 Simoleons = 6 points
  • 1,300,000 Simoleons = 7 points
  • 2,100,000 Simoleons = 8 points
  • 3,500,000 Simoleons = 9 points
  • 5,700,000 Simoleons = 10 points (or if your family owns all trading benefits in their own business)

Love (10 points)

Each time a new spouse brings 3 new character traits to the family, you get 3 points. The 10th point is earned by a single Sim fulfilling his love aspirations in his life. 

Knowledge (10 points)

You’ll get points credited once you’ve perfected a skill on a sim (at either level 10 or level 5, depending on your ability). Children’s skills are also included.

  • 3 skills max = 1 point
  • 5 skills max = 2 points
  • 8 skills max = 3 points
  • 13 skills max = 4 points
  • 21 skills max = 5 points
  • 34 skills max = 6 points
  • 55 skills max = 7 points
  • 89 skills max = 8 points
  • 144 skills max = 9 points

The 10th point you get, if you have maximized every skill in the game (including the children’s skills). This does not have to be done by a single Sim, but can happen throughout the Challenge.

Athletics (10 points)

It is important to fulfill as many endeavors as possible in the spirit of fighting.

  • 1 effort fulfilled = 1 point
  • 2 endeavors fulfilled = 2 points
  • 3 efforts fulfilled = 3 points
  • 5 endeavors fulfilled = 4 points
  • 8 efforts fulfilled = 5 points
  • 13 efforts fulfilled = 6 points
  • 21 efforts fulfilled = 7 points
  • 34 endeavors fulfilled = 8 points
  • 55 efforts fulfilled = 9 points

If you have fulfilled every aspiration (for children and adults) once in your Challenge, you will receive a 10th point. However, this does not have to be accomplished by a single Sim or a single generation, but can happen throughout the Challenge.

Nature (10 points)

Again, every sim can earn the points for it. The tasks do not have to be accomplished by a sim or a generation alone.

  • Let a Sim die on your home ground by each death type = 1 point
  • In the game there are 16 collections in total. To get the full score you have to complete at least 13 of them:
    • 1 collection complete = 1 point
    • 2 collections complete = 2 points
    • 5 collections complete = 3 points
    • 9 collections complete = 4 points
    • 13 collections complete = 5 points
  • Achieve the highest level = 1 point with your family in every career
  • Get a single Sim in both career orientations to reach the highest level = 1 point
  • Draw one picture in each emotional mood = 1 point
  • Place on your property any reward for a quest = 1 point

Food (10 points)

It’s all about food … about delicious food.

  • Buy the most expensive fridge and stove. Make all improvements on both devices = 1 point.
  • Have a sim craft the highest quality Baked Alaska dish (gourmet skill level 10) = 1 point.
  • Let a single sim maximize cooking, baking, gourmet, and mixing = 1 point.
  • Achieve both eating endeavors = 1 point in one generation.
  • Make a Sim get fat from eating = 1 point.
  • Have at least 6 Sims (family members and / or guests) sit together at one table and eat together = 1 point.
  • Achieve the highest level = 1 point in both orientations of the cooking profession.
  • Cook a dish with at least two different ingredients that have the highest quality = 1 point.
  • Have a sim cook a perfect meal during a date and mix a perfect drink = 1 point.
  • Serve a perfect group meal and mix a perfect group portion of drinks. Serve both at a single party = 1 point.

Popularity (10 points)

These points can be earned during parties and appointments. Gold medals give 3 points, silver medals 2 points and bronze medals 1 point.

  • 20 medal points = 1 point
  • 30 medal points = 2 points
  • 60 medal points = 3 points
  • 90 medal points = 4 points
  • 150 medal points = 5 points
  • 200 medal points = 6 points
  • 400 medal points = 7 points
  • 600 medal points = 8 points
  • 1,000 medal points = 9 points

You deserve the tenth point, where a single Sim receives the gold medal in all party types and a date. If you own The Sims 4 Time for Friends, you can earn the tenth point by starting a Legacy Club and getting all the Club benefits.

Deviance (10 points)

This counts the number of youth drinks that are unused on your property.

  • 1 youth potion = 1 point
  • 2 youth potions = 2 points
  • 3young potions = 3 points
  • 5 youth potions = 4 points
  • 8 youth potions = 5 points
  • 12 youth potions = 6 points
  • 20 youth potions = 7 points
  • 30 youth potions = 8 points
  • 50 youth potions = 9 points
  • 80 youth drinks = 10 points


There are always ups and downs in your family’s life. However, some events are so negative that they deduct points for you. Your goal is to be here, no penalty points to achieve.

  • -1 point for every time you turn off electricity due to unpaid bills.
  • -1 point for every time the water is turned off due to unpaid bills.
  • -1 point for each baby / child, which will be taken away from the social services.


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